“Beautiful, Simply Beautiful”   

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“We moved back into our house after living away from it for 8 years … and the kitchen was as ugly as when we first bought the house. After installing new carpet, the kitchen became our #1 home improvement project.”  … Tom and Michele

Demolition of pantry and coat closet, removal of old vinyl and subfloor, update and added to electrical outlets and lighting, additional electrical subpanel added to accommodate new appliances, moved water supply line, put in new wood floors, new appliances to include island vent and double oven, installed cabinetry and countertops, installed trim, re-textured ceiling, painted.


“Our lead carpenter, Lane, was great. The electricians, plumber, painter, and flooring installers all had professional connections with DreamMaker so our lead carpenter knew what kind of work they should do and did do.
We never felt uncomfortable or unsafe letting any of these contractors in our home.  They were all polite, considerate, professional, and even entertaining!”

“Relaxing Retreat”

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Remove and renew everything!  Top on our clients’ list was having a solid surface countertop with dual integrated sinks and replacing the bathtub with a barrier-free walk in shower out of solid surface granite or quartz material. 

One main factor that frustrated the homeowners is that this bathroom consisted of a tub, no shower. A tub they never used.  Instead of a tub that just took up space, the owners wanted a shower that they could walk into consisting of a ‘grout-less’, surround product.  Thus, we changed over (the unused tub) to barrier free shower encased by a glass and framed wall screen.  

From the photos you can see that this was a very small bathroom with very limited storage, counter space, and only one vanity sink.  A double-sink vanity, allowing a sink for her and a sink for him, was a definite addition they desired and one we designed/installed in their new master bath.   Plumbing was rerouted for their new ‘his and her’ dual vanities.

The bathroom was old and dated and did not reflect the couple’s more contemporary taste.  The design encompassed an open shower concept (no door) with a zero threshold shower design, giving this small bath a much larger feel.

To generate more wall space in the homeowners’ adjoining master bedroom; a new arched doorway was fashioned for the clothes closet off the master bath. 

We used thin slab granite to create a slick contemporary look and bring natural beauty into the design. The river rock mesh used on the shower floor was continued throughout the bath further adding to the open feeling. The new double sink vanity did away with the knee space that was wasted and solid slab door cabinets were added.   We floated a wall cabinet above the counter to add valuable storage. We used the thin slab granite as a backsplash above the matching granite countertops to maintain the flow of clean simple lines, bringing the entire room together.

When I presented the wife the ‘finished’ photos of their project, she teasingly exclaimed, “Gosh, I wish I had a master bathroom like that.  Oh that’s right, now I remember, I do and I absolutely love it!!!

Simply renewing this one room of the home, made such an impact on the rest of the home.  All the various touches from the pebble floor finish to the modern-day cabinetry and lighting compliment and work better with the décor and scope of the entire home. 


Remove and renew everything summed up clients, Mark and Mary’s desires for their decades old, out of touch master bath. 

We modernized the space with beautiful maple cabinetry, a natural granite countertop and a barrier-free shower surround with a heavy glass wall partition.

 A slick contemporary look created by clean, simple lines brings natural beauty into the design.

Radiant heating, concealed under the river rock shower floor, continues through the entire space providing warmth and feelings of openness.  This stunning bath now treats the owners to a Zen spa-like experience within the comfort of their own home. 

lecarcyk before storylecarcyk after storylecarcyk after story

“Elegant Sanctuary”

Quick Summary and Photos at bottom of the page 

The carpet had seen its better days, the tub was tiny, but the deck surrounding it was extremely large, the lighting and brass light fixtures were out-of-date and the white tile on the vanity was drab and lifeless.  Storage was limited and constant attention was required to keep this all-white, mundane space looking presentable.   

Tired of this outdated space and its responsibilities, its owners came to us looking for solutions.  After brainstorming with our clients, we devised an arrangement that was eye-catching, well-designed and above all, easy to maintain. 

The existing L shaped vanity with a knee space was wasted space for the owner.   They wanted to get rid of the white tile countertops.  They needed better organization in the vanity area.   Suspended above the vanities was a soffit/plant ledge the wife did not like because it was difficult reach; thus, precarious to clean.

The shower was small and the tub was shallow and uncomfortable.  Although the carpet was showing its age, our clients were concerned that removing it would result in a chilly floor (the bathroom was situated directly above the two car garage below).

Before the project began, to keep dust and disturbance to a minimum in the adjoining master bedroom, we put up a heavy-duty plastic, double-side zip-wall. 

Climbing into the tub was a perilous task for the homeowners to undertake, so we designed the new tub’s location and configuration to be more user-friendly.  

One of the first tasks we performed was removing the tiny 3 x 3 shower and its adjoining tub and massive tub deck.  We moved and rearranged the door to water-closet to fashion a generous sized shower space.  We removed the soffits that had been originally built in for can lights and the room instantly felt more spacious.  We narrowed the entry from bedroom into the bathroom to construct more wall space for cabinetry. 

By removing a soffit and relocating the door to the toilet room we were able to both open up the visual effect of the vanity area and created room to enlarge the shower.

We also rotated the tub and put in a nice two-person soaking tub which the couple decided would be perfect for them.  Large 12 x 24 tiles on the shower surround and tub deck really added a touch of elegance to the room.  Radiant heated tile floors now block any possible chill rising from the garage below.    

In the vanity area we created a straight vanity with two separate sink areas with a well-appointed storage linen closet situated between them.  Modernized lighting and framed mirrors to match the rustic alder vanities finalized in making this master suite exactly what the owners had craved for years.  They love it!


The homeowners 90’s master bath just had to go.  It no longer met their needs or desires.  Constant upkeep was necessary for the white carpet and tile. They wanted a different layout and more storage.  They contacted us yearning for a luxurious design that would lavish them with relaxation. 

By removing the soffit and relocating doors, space was freed up for a comfy soaking tub and a large, frameless, heavy glass shower.

Beautiful 12” x 24” porcelain tiles wrap this shower and tub with elegance. The gorgeous rustic alder tall linen closet nestled between two granite sink top vanities provides abundant storage.  The serene sanctuary they had envisioned is now a reality.

“Inviting and Warm”

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First and foremost, our clients wanted to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room so they would be able to utilize the space fully.  They wanted to keep the table that was currently in their kitchen and move it into the dining area and in its’ place create bar type seating.

The wife was a teacher and when we started the project she was home for the summer, along with the couple’s three adult children who were coming and going at all times of the day.  Thus, we had to work safely and efficiently around a very active, busy household. 

Construction challenges involved removing a wall and devising a layout which provided an open feeling while at the same time created a dining space enabling the use of the couple’s existing square dining set which they loved. The wall was not structural, so no beams or headers were needed. The electrical had to be relocated.  Wide plank maple floors were installed throughout the area to visually tie all the rooms together.

The couple also wanted to have some comfortable seating for at least two people.  They wanted the island to have an extra-large over hang, we needed to use metal corbels to support this large over hang.   The island presented a challenge in its layout. We did not want the cook to have to face a wall or back up to the sink area which would create a heavy, congested work environment.   Thus, we incorporated an almost square shaped island with a corner cut off so we could put the cooktop at an angle, enabling the cook to see out to the family room.  Also this arrangement ensured good traffic flow and efficiency between both the sink and island work stations. 

We utilized almost every square inch of the island design for storage to replace the cabinetry lost when we removed the wall. We used a double deep drawer base with full extension drawers to create convenient pot and pan storage along with roll-out trays in most of the other cabinets.  Other amenities included a pull-out trash and recycle center;  a ‘message center’ cabinet with space for white board and keys to keep clutter off the counter /phone zone.  A microwave shelf and upper cabinet further fortified valuable countertop space.

Our clients were thrilled with the transformation that took place.  To our clients family was and is everything.  They wanted the end result of their renovation project to be a warm, inviting home where they could enjoy holiday and family gatherings and build fun and lasting memories. 

By opening up the floor plan so it encompassed all three rooms – (kitchen, dining and living); the couple could now feel more connected with their family and friends while preparing meals and hosting get-togethers. 


Our clients were thrilled with the transformation.  Stunning cherry wall cabinetry, combined with a central maple island, succeeded in modernizing the space and satisfying the wife’s desire of mixing-n-matching finishes and colors.  A bold move, creating an unforgettable kitchen.

An open, inviting space was top on the dream list.  We removed a wall and replaced carpeted and tiled floors with fresh, golden-brown, wide-planked wood floors.  We used a unique technique called water-popping and yes, these floors do POP!  Flowing from the kitchen through the entire living/dining area, they create a dramatic finish to this family’s newborn gathering and entertaining space!

Keenan Before - Read the story   Keenan After - Read the story

Keenan Before - Read the story  Keenan After - Read the story

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