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I’m dreaming of creating a classy gourmet kitchen, suggestions?

Stylish extras can give your kitchen the gourmet touch, even if you’re not a gourmet chef. Create an upscale kitchen with the latest upscale kitchen products that cater to your sense of style. Bottom to Top Luxe – Granite countertops are a luxurious addition, but some homeowners use it in an unexpected way – on

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What are today’s popular choices for kitchen countertops?

Here are popular as well as innovative materials to select from for your kitchen remodel. GRANITE: A natural stone formed from magma.  It is dense, highly durable and heat resistant and remains cool to the touch, usually several degrees colder than room temperature. -Maintenance: The stone should be sealed at least once a year, depending

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It seems like only yesterday that Mark Witte, the owner of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, was designing and preparing home improvement proposals in a tiny space in the front of his family’s garage.

Mark and wife, Deb, with three year old daughter, Katherine, in tow moved to Colorado Springs in May of 1988. It was then they began their remodeling business. Mark has worked hard over the years to build a company known for its professionalism and quality of workmanship.   In doing so, he has earned two important designations in the remodeling

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My shower is outdated and ugly but I don’t want to invest too much into it right now. Are there any good products at a lower price point that I should be looking at?

A: There are several overlay products on the market that can refresh your bath and give it a cleaner more updated look. We are especially excited about a new product called Sentrel that mimics the look of natural stone surround without the expense and upkeep. Sentrel is an innovative composite paneling product that is tailored

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5 Kitchen Design Trends of 2012

Here are five emerging kitchen trends that the NKBA (National Kitchen Bath Association) has identified for 2012: 1. Cherry wood in decline Cherry wood has consistently been the first or second most popular type of wood for cabinetry, jockeying for the top spot with maple each year. However, designers are slowly shifting away from it.

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Seven Tips for Maximizing Your Remodeling Budget

We’re celebrating National Kitchen and Bath Month October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, bringing heightened attention to the two rooms most often remodeled in homes across America. In honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month, we offering seven key tips to help homeowners make the most of their remodeling budget. Remodeling was a $275

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Small Kitchen Survival

Q. Our kitchen feels so cramped. Any tips for making it feel more airy? A. The first step is not to rush it. You need to know the house and your patterns. Start by collecting pictures to see what you like. It’s worth taking some time and getting it right in your mind. Sometimes when

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How much does remodeling increase your resale value

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