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Renovating to Age in Place

Renovating to Age in Place? Focus Efforts and Budgets on Bathrooms and Kitchens No one relishes the prospect of having to move out of his or her home due to age-related health, mobility or dexterity issues. In fact, more than half of homeowners 60 and older say they intend to stay in their current homes

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Preparing for Your Closing

Preparing for Your Closing Near the end of the project the remodeler or a remodeler’s representative conducts a thorough inspection of the project and notes on a quality inspection checklist any deficiencies that need to be addressed. Product Demonstration.  Upon substantial completion of items on the quality checklist, the remodeler or the remodeler’s representative usually

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Prevent Remodeling Fever

Prevent Remodeling Fever Once the contract has been signed and the project is about to begin, you need to anticipate and prepare to feel a loss of control because of disrupted routines and the impact on your personal space.  The best approach is to: Prepare well. Remember the temporary nature of the disruption. Focus on

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Preconstruction Meeting

Remodeling Your Home – Preconstruction Meeting This meeting may be the first time that people who will do the physical work on your house visit the site.  Those attending may include the remodeler, the salesperson, the construction manager, lead carpenter, the trade contractors, any other staff members who will work on the project. The preconstruction

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Selecting Your Project – Continued

SELECTING YOUR PROJECT (continued) … The following will help you consider necessary steps before going through the process of remodeling the following rooms/areas of your home, HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Recreation Areas Recreation rooms, once relegated to the basement, now serve a variety of special interests.  Their function and design have become highly sophisticated.  Some homeowners are

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You’ve put up with an outdated kitchen long enough. Maybe you’ve decided that you’ve taken your last hand-held shower in that vintage ball-and-claw bathtub.  If you’re dream of a new kitchen, bath, room addition, or other space, the following will guide you through the exciting process of home remodeling. MOST POPULAR ROOM REQUESTS Kitchens No

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5 Spring and Summer Projects That Increase Home’s Value

5 Spring and Summer Remodeling Projects that Increase Your Home’s Value Home owners have many remodeling project options that can increase their home’s resale value, and add plenty of enjoyment as well. In today’s economy, uber-luxury renovations aren’t as appealing as they were in 2004-2005 when the market peaked. Today’s budget-minded buyers want a home that is sustainable and energy

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FINDING YOUR REMODELER – Other Considerations Consider the following to make sure you are comfortable with the remodeler you are considering for your project: RAPPORT                                                                                                                                                                             You and your family will be in close contact with the remodeler and the crew until the project is completed.  Are you comfortable with these people?  Do you communicate easily? 

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FINDING YOUR REMODELER – Qualifying Questions

Use the following questions to determine whether the remodeler you are considering is appropriate for you and your project: CONSTRUCTION AND TECHNICAL EXPERTISE                                                                                                       Does the remodeler:   Have a working knowledge of the many types and ages of homes in the area?   Does the remodeler offer an array of options and thus demonstrate knowledge

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Interest in remodeling has never been greater.  If you are an owner of an aging structure (or you plan to own one), you may be dissatisfied with some aspect of the property.  Remodeling can turn your home into the one you have always wanted. A remodeling project has no clear-cut beginning, middle or end.  The

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