Preparing for Your Closing

Preparing for Your Closing

Near the end of the project the remodeler or a remodeler’s representative conducts a thorough inspection of the project and notes on a quality inspection checklist any deficiencies that need to be addressed.

Product Demonstration.  Upon substantial completion of items on the quality checklist, the remodeler or the remodeler’s representative usually will guide the homeowner on a tour of the added or remodeled space.  At this time, the remodeler or remodeler’s representative will demonstrate the products, such as a new range or dishwasher.

Owner’s Manuals and Warranty Cards.  At this meeting the remodeler usually turns over the owners’ manuals and manufacturers’ product warranties for the product warranties for the products used in the remodeling job.  These documents may include owner’s manuals, warranty cards, and use and care guides for all appliances, countertops, cabinets, roofing, and other major building parts.  Ordinarily these documents are either affixed to the outside of the product’s original storage box or placed inside the container, so be sure to ask your remodeler ahead of time to save all important product information.

Adjustment Period.  Expect your newly remodeled house to go through an adjustment period.  Don’t be disheartened if your house needs minor corrections.  For example, if your home is build out of wood, remember that wood shrinks and moves. Therefore you drywall or plaster may crack in certain areas.  A sliding glass door may require adjustment after a few weeks’ use.  Contact your remodeler before attempting any repairs yourself because any unauthorized tinkering could invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Payment.  Your remodeler will expect the project’s final payment when it is due according to your contract.

Staying in Touch with Your Remodeler.  Most remodelers want to develop long-term relationships with their clients.  Your remodeler probably hopes this project will be the first of many you will do together and that you’ll recommend the firm for other jobs.

Next year you might decide to add a deck or remodel a bathroom.  Maybe you’ll want the name of a reputable landscape architect.  Your remodeler is available to recommend such firms, answer questions, and help you turn your home improvement dreams into reality.  In much the same way you call upon other trusted professionals – your doctor, your mechanic, your attorney – rely on remodeler for expert home improvement advice.

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