You’ve put up with an outdated kitchen long enough. Maybe you’ve decided that you’ve taken your last hand-held shower in that vintage ball-and-claw bathtub.  If you’re dream of a new kitchen, bath, room addition, or other space, the following will guide you through the exciting process of home remodeling.



No resource on remodeling would be complete without a discussion of the most talked about room in the house – your kitchen.  If you are the beneficiary of a kitchen from the 1960s or earlier, you might want to replace your simple plywood box cabinets with the sleek lines of European-style cabinets.  Perhaps your existing floor plan no longer meets your needs.  Today’s remodelers are experts at developing and creating efficient kitchen layouts.  Because the kitchen is often the most lived-in room, few remodeling projects come close to matching the excitement of a kitchen transformation.


If you look at the pictures in magazines of bathrooms before they are remodeled, you’re likely to find several common elements.  In addition to dark, cramped quarters, you may see a medicine cabinet with integral lighting, a worn cast-iron tub, a wall-mounted sink, and maybe even a stand-up radiator.  Today’s spacious and more lavish baths can incorporate freestanding bathtubs, open showers, multiple vanities, and wood-framed mirrors.

Master Suite Bedroom

Dreaming of a master bedroom suite?  Most older homes lack the kinds of luxurious spaces found in today’s newer homes.  If you long to create a special space, consider the following questions:

  • What will you use the room for?  Sleeping, reading, listening to music, bathing, rocking the baby, watching television, sitting in front of the fire?
  • Beyond bedroom furniture, what other pieces will you need to achieve the room’s purpose?  Couches, chairs, armoires, built-in desks, shelves?
  • Do you have adequate storage?  Would you like a walk-in closet?
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