FINDING YOUR REMODELER – Other Considerations

Consider the following to make sure you are comfortable with the remodeler you are considering for your project:


You and your family will be in close contact with the remodeler and the crew until the project is completed.  Are you comfortable with these people?  Do you communicate easily?  Does the remodeler relate well to all the project’s decision makers and show respect and genuine concern for family members?

If a remodeler has the necessary qualifications and a great personality, he or she is probably a fine choice.  But be sure your comfort is based on professional criteria and not just charisma.

Once you have selected a professional remodeler, build your relationship on mutual respect and honesty.  Communicate your needs and desires clearly in writing.

Bring up concerns promptly.  If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification.  Your remodeler should be able to explain the project patiently in terms you understand.  A sensitive remodeler will anticipate your needs and calm your anxieties.

If a misunderstanding should arise, move quickly to resolve it.  Some remodelers have been dismayed to learn upon job completion that the homeowner was unhappy about some facet of the project.  Speak up and give your remodeler the opportunity to right any wrong.


  • Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the remodeler and confident that this company will do the work according to your plans, budget, and specifications.
  • Ask the remodeler to explain the plans and specifications and company procedures to you.
  • Find out whether the remodeler uses a detailed, written contract that protects both of you and that complies with local, state, and federal laws.  The contract must spell out the work that will and will not be performed.

Select the remodeler with a track record of a variety of excellent projects and plenty of experience with your type of project.  Remember, low price alone does not ensure a successful remodeling experience.

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