Design Questions, continued (2)


(questions to help you through the decision-making process in planning your kitchen

1. Who does most of the cooking in my household?

2. The person who does all of the cooking – are they left-handed or right-handed?

3. What is the height of the person who does most of the cooking?

4. Are there any physical limitations of this person that need to be considered?

5. What is the style of cooking that is enjoyed in your home?

a. Family Recipes

b. Gourmet Style

c. Baking and Sweets

d. Takeout or Delivery

e. Quick and Easy Meals

6. In most cases, does one person cook alone or with one person helping? Will there be

several people helping or cooking?

7. Do you have two cooks in your household? Do both cook together? What does this second

person tend to cook the most?

8. The second cook- are they right-handed or left-handed?

9. How tall is the second person who will be cooking?

10. Are there any physical difficulties that the second cook may have?

11. Is there plenty of counter space for preparations or do I need more space?

12. Do I have a sufficiently sized sink? Is my dishwasher large enough to accommodate my


13. Do I have convenient access to water while cooking? Should I consider adding another


14. Is my current oven and stove large enough? Do I need a bigger one?

15. Do I currently have easy-to-clean appliances, counters and other surfaces?


1. Does my kitchen need to include eating space?

2. Would I like to include a whole table and chairs in my kitchen?

3. Would I prefer a built in banquette, a bar with stools, or even a booth?

4. Would I like to include a kitchen island? Do I want the island to have dining space?

5. How often do I intend to entertain or cook for others?

6. Do I tend to entertain in a formal or an informal environment?

7. When I entertain, do I prefer hiring a caterer or do I like to do all of the cooking?

8. How large of a guest list do I usually have for my events?

9. How often do my guests spend time in my kitchen?

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