Design Questions, continued


(Questions to help you through the decision-making process in planning your kitchen)

1. As far as the functionality of my current kitchen, what are things I like and what are things I

would prefer to change?

2. For everyone who will be using the kitchen, what do they request or wish for?

3. Are there appliances that I currently have and wish to keep?

4. Will I be keeping my current flooring? Will I be having new flooring installed?

5. Will I be keeping my current cabinets? Will I be re-facing or refinishing the cabinets? Would I

prefer to have brand new cabinets installed?

6. Would I like to include a work space in my new kitchen that I could use for computer work or

paper work?

7. Is my current kitchen lacking in storage space? Do I need more storage?

8. Does my kitchen layout allow enough room for storage? Can I make minor revisions to free

up more storage? Do I need to change my whole kitchen layout?

9. Does the space my kitchen occupies leave enough room for layout changes? Will I need to

annex area from another adjoining room in my home or build an addition on my home?

10. What are all the types of things I will need to store in my kitchen? Make a list. Some things

may include: glasses, plates, silverware, pots and pans, paper goods, canned foods, dry

goods, and pet foods.

11. Do my current refrigerator and freezer provide enough storage space?

12. How often do I shop? Do I shop on a daily or weekly basis and only need minimal amount

of space? Do I shop less and buy in bulk, and therefore need more storage?

13. Are there currently enough outlets in my kitchen? Will I be able to plug in all small

appliances and other electronics?

14. How is the lighting in my kitchen? Do I have enough lighting or do I need to add more?

15. What is the number of people who will be using the kitchen? Do I have any users who have

special needs to be considered in the kitchen layout?

16. What activities will go on in the kitchen? Some types of activities include paper work,

computer work, bill paying, laundry, and homework.

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