Design Questions


When you begin planning your kitchen, you will find that many decisions will need to be made. From choosing colors and décor to creating a layout and purchasing appliances, you will need to consider many options.

Whether you hire a designer or you create your kitchen on your own, answering the questions below will be a great tool to help you through the process.


1. When I look at my current kitchen, what are the things I like about it? What are the things

that I do not like and wish to change?

2. Would I like for my kitchen design to match the style of the rest of my home? What style

is my house built in?

3. Is there a certain style that I prefer? Am I most interested in a style like contemporary or

country, traditional or transitional? Would I like for this style to be reflected in my kitchen?

4. Do I have a theme in mind that I would like to keep for my kitchen?

5. Are there certain colors that I would like to include in my kitchen? Are there colors that I

want to avoid using?

6. How do the rooms that connect to the kitchen look? Will I need to make sure that my

kitchen style works well with adjoining rooms?

7. Does my kitchen connect to the outdoors? Do I want it to? Do I want to change the

windows or doors I have?

8. Do I like certain elements I have seen in the kitchens of friends or family?

9. Do I have samples of designs or styles that I prefer? It may be helpful to cut out any

images, color samples, or styles that you like and create a folder of them for easy


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