What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

DreamMaker’s national holiday e-newsletter is coming in December. In it will be short stories of Christmas memories of DreamMaker owners and employees from across the country. For fun, I thought I’d share a teaser of what’s in store. Below is the favorite memory that I submitted for this newsletter coming mid-December.

For me, my favorite Christmas memory (memories actually) were when Mark and I would take our three kids and dog up to the national forest in pursuit of the best ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree ever, followed with an afternoon of sledding and hot cocoa.

These excursions started on Sunday mornings so our trip always included stopping by church first. This one particular outing/memory wouldn’t be complete without what happened on the way up to the forest. This time before church we stopped by Wal-Mart to buy some new wool socks for the kids.

Thirty minutes later in church, we couldn’t ignore the muffled giggling and chuckling in the pew behind us. Mark and I looked at one another all through the service perplexed as to what was so funny but of course, our kids knew. It didn’t take long for us to discover too. Following Mark out of church I saw the label from the socks which read, “double-cushion comfort”, stuck on Mark’s back-side. Literally, the joke was on Mark.

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