My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our kitchen, ideas to make it easier on our marriage?

The key to creating the least amount of stress on your marriage during a renovation is knowing what you’re getting into in advance. Also it definitely helps to throw in a hearty dose of flexibility, humor and patience along the way.

Below Are Other Helpful Suggestions –

Know Your Bottom Line

Money is the primary cause of arguments in a marriage. Create an agreed-upon budget, then be frank about your limits with your remodeler.

Go Slow

Don’t rush into your remodel. Take time to research ideas and remodelers. It should feel right to both of you.

Go With The Flow

You will be presented with ideas and products you may not have considered. Have an open mind, and you will be less likely to zig when the other zags.

Have A Long Term Plan

Whatever your reason for remodeling, agree upon the goal beforehand. Different goals foster different expectations. If you’re looking for perfection while your husband merely wants a sprucing up, you will probably butt heads.

It may be helpful to designate one family member as the point of contact person. The point person should be responsible for conversations and interactions with the remodeler. If wanted, he or she could keep a log and note every conversation with family or contractors about the remodel—so nothing gets forgotten.

Most of All … Have Fun, Enjoy The Process and The Outcome!

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