How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Feel Luxurious?

BIG ideas for a Small Bathroom:

1. Think Functionality First

Identify fixtures that may be taking up valuable space and ask yourself if these can be replaced with smaller fixtures or appliances. Get rid of unnecessary clutter so you can make the best use of your space.

2. Line Your Bath with Quality

When purchasing items for an upgrade, consider a refined mix of materials, colors and goods. Purchase products that will last longer than the cheaper options. Trade in linoleum flooring for stone or tile. Both can also be heated, adding a luxurious touch.

3. Maximize Nooks & Crannies

Built-in storage cabinetry will allow you to make the most of your wall space. Fill your built-in cabinets with practical items displayed in a classy manner; hand towels rolled in wicker baskets, and glass jars filled with cotton balls or makeup brushes will make everyday items look more appealing. You might also consider going with recessed medicine cabinets as these can be a very stylish option to save space.

4. Pedestal and Wall Hung Lavatories

Pedestal and wall hung sinks comes in many shapes, styles and sizes. Research to find one that fits your personal style!

5. Faucets

Swapping faucet fixtures is a wonderful way to upgrade on a budget. Again, there are many choices – pick one that fits the look you want.

6. Trade Your Tub

The standard built-in tub often takes up a large portion of your bathroom space… if you let it. Take full advantage of the area by eliminating a space-hogging bathtub and replace it with a sleek shower.

7. Towel Warmers

Nothing says comfort like a warm, fresh towel! Towel warmers can be very inexpensive and can also be easy to install.

8. Fresh Paint

Using color schemes like pastels and neutrals will open up a room while also making it appear brighter. When painting a small bathroom, consider using lighter colors. Also, adding a large mirror will enable your bathroom to appear as if it has more space because it reflects the images of the walls around it.

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