Can laminate kitchen countertops be patched or repaired?

Yes, though the best way to repair Formica is replacement, there are temporary fixes to keep the appearance of the countertop until you are able to purchase a new one. While the job is not particularly difficult, it does require a wide variety of skills new to most homeowners. You’ll have to disconnect the plumbing, remove the sink, and cut, apply, and trim the laminate. Then the sink has to be replaced and reconnected, and some trim may be required.

All that adds up to a lot of work. That’s why it’s usually best to have the repair job done by a kitchen remodeler.

Can I Paint Laminate Countertops?

Many homeowners want to know if dull, worn laminate can be painted. The answer is yes, but don’t expect it to look like new. No matter how careful you are, it will still look like a painted counter. If you do decide to paint, do it right. Clean the counters thoroughly, and then sand them well with 120 grit sandpaper. Use epoxy paint for best wear and adhesion.

Patching Laminate Countertops

Patching will require a piece of laminate large enough to cover the damaged area, but there are a few warnings before you start. Locating a piece of laminate to match your existing countertop may be difficult. Colors can vary slightly from one production run to another, so even solid colors may not match perfectly. Matching patterns and wood grains is even trickier.

If you decide that the repairing process is just a bit too much for you, or if you’d rather just replace the entire countertop, feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom today. We have a large selection of new laminate and solid surface products to choose from.

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