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What should I consider before hiring a contractor?

Q. What are some things I should consider when hiring a remodeling contractor? A. If you are considering a remodeling project it is important to select a remodeling contractor who understands your needs, effectively listens and communicates with you and stands behind their work. There are many contractors who seeks your business, but keep in

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How Can I Incorporate Universal Design in My Kitchen?

There have been incredible technology and design improvements in the kitchen that make accessories, lighting, and appliances more intuitive and easier to use. Smart design helps to make the space more accessible and safe for all users. Larger appliances, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, can now be built into drawer spaces, seamlessly blending into the

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Remodel or move?

Thinking about Remodeling We are trying to decide whether we should stay in our current home and remodel or to buy a different home and move. Any suggestions? Remodeling and moving are both significant financial investments. The difference between the two investments is where the money is going. In remodeling, the money is being reinvested.

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Remodeling for Pets

Q. As a pet owner, I’m wondering what are some of the latest trends for thinking of them when making remodeling choices? A. Here are 10 practical and visually appealing design ideas you can use when remodeling with your pet in mind: Indoor Pet Retreats. Generally located by an outside back door, with a lockable

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How to Remove Wallpaper

I’m looking at the old wallpaper in my kitchen and thinking, “What in the world was I thinking?” I’m wondering how do I get it off? Removing old wallpaper may seem like a tedious job, but necessary if you want to repaint or repaper your walls. The three most common methods are: Steaming – a

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How To Choose The Right Paint

Here’s How To Take The Mystery Out Of Choosing The Right Paint For Your Home… Ever notice how paint colors always look different on your wall then on the sample sheet at the paint store? The reason they can appear so different is because there are several different paint finishes available in the same shade

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Can laminate kitchen countertops be patched or repaired?

Yes, though the best way to repair Formica is replacement, there are temporary fixes to keep the appearance of the countertop until you are able to purchase a new one. While the job is not particularly difficult, it does require a wide variety of skills new to most homeowners. You’ll have to disconnect the plumbing,

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How To Care For Poinsettias

Recently I came across an article about poinsettias. I thought that perhaps you may be interested in learning more. If you’re like me, you’ve either purchased or recieved one of these lovely plants at holiday time and would like to know the steps to keep them alive to reflower again the next year! How to

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Kitchen Trends 2013

KITCHEN TRENDS 2013 Q. Looking to 2013, what are some of the upcoming trends in kitchens? A. The kitchen is the place to be in the New Year, as people now spend the majority of their home lives in the heart of the house. The kitchen is a family-orientated space personal to the family who

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