Why Do Women Remodel?

Today’s woman views her home as so much more than just a place to eat and sleep. It’s her sanctuary from the world, a reflection of herself, a gathering place for her family.
The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and when it comes to remodeling, a woman possesses a significant amount of influence on the decisions to be made. If you were to ask a woman what she desires in her new kitchen, and what she ultimately achieves from the remodeling process, what would be her answers?
I spoke with several Colorado Springs women (DreamMaker clients) to gain insight into what women really desire from their kitchens.

Denise Quinn, Pat Reed, Julie Scoggins, and Janice Rants share their experiences below:

Why did you want to remodel your kitchen?

Denise: We have lived in our house for nine years and loved every part of it except the kitchen and dining room area. The setup in both areas made it very difficult to spend time in the rooms because they felt so cut off from the rest of the house.
We even considered moving to a home with a better kitchen but felt we would be giving up too many other things we loved. So we looked into remodeling. Now, we love our new kitchen, not to mention it has saved us about $250,000! We are able to enjoy our entire home now and really appreciate the openness between the kitchen and dining room.

What are some of the new features you wanted in your remodel? And, what features, if any, were you excited to be rid of from your old kitchen?

Janice: Being an avid HGTV fanatic, certain kitchen features always struck a chord with me – pendants lights, under-cabinet lighting, a bookshelf area for cookbooks, roll-out cabinet shelves, and a carousel cabinet. These items may have been around for a while, but certainly not in my 70’s kitchen.
The relocation of my refrigerator removed the congestion that inevitably happened when more than two people were in the kitchen; and, getting rid of that horrible, patterned linoleum made everyone’s day!

What do you feel is the most important factor to consider when choosing a contractor?

Julie – Trust. Someone who follows through and stands by their work is a must. Debra found that all of the women wanted a company that had their best interests at heart – and had a solid track record that focused on quality to prove it.

What was your biggest concern and how was it addressed?

Denise: I’ve heard so many horror stories about contractors who left halfway through the job. I never even needed to voice my concern. During our planning session, they talked about the importance of consistent communication. We were provided with daily updates, as well as a project calendar. Every Friday the calendar was updated to show any changes. I felt very confident that they were as focused on meeting the timeframe as we were.

What suggestions would you offer other women considering remodeling?

Pat – First, really think about what you want out of your new space. Take some time making decisions before beginning a remodeling project. Second, make sure you are comfortable with your remodeler. Remember this person and their crew will be creating your new kitchen that will be a permanent fixture in your home.

How do you feel about your new kitchen? What do your friends and family think of your new kitchen?

Janice – My husband and I absolutely love our kitchen. Not only is it beautiful and much more functional, but the room now feels even bigger and it certainly suits our lifestyle better. Probably every week one of us comments to the other on how much he/she loves the kitchen and is so happy that the room was remodeled. That says something when your remodeling job was over a year ago! … or
Our children can’t get over the change in the kitchen and the increased counter space and storage. They want to know why we didn’t make these changes while they were still at home so that they could enjoy them too. Basically, everyone who sees our new kitchen is envious and just ooh’s and ah’s over it. We couldn’t be more proud!

Were your children (or pets maybe) a consideration when planning your project?

Denise – Yes, we have lots of family from out of state who will come and spend time with us in the summer. We wanted an open and airy kitchen where everyone could gather. It has become the heart of our home.

What is your favorite feature or aspect of your new kitchen?

Julie – I love our new island! I have gained much-needed storage and workspace. Inside the island, I have a pull-out garbage container. It’s perfect for keeping the trash within easy reach yet removed from view. Overall, my kitchen feels more organized; a place for everything, and the island acts as a finishing touch.

How has the remodel affected your life?

Pat – Before, I didn’t like being in my kitchen. I didn’t even want to cook often because it was uncomfortable and dated. Now, I have a beautiful kitchen that is not only modern but well organized with ample counter space and a great new pantry. I enjoy cooking for my family and entertaining them more because of my fresh new kitchen.

Any unexpected rewards as a result of remodeling?

Janice – Life just seems easier now and we know that the remodel has increased the value of our home. It is so much easier to keep the kitchen neat, clean, and uncluttered. In fact, I’ve got a few more rooms that I’d like to have this same transformation in!

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