What are some Do’s and Don’ts to Help Manage My Kitchen or Bath Remodel

The remodeling process can be quite overwhelming and confusing. From choosing a remodeler and selecting a style, to establishing a budget, kitchen and bath projects can be daunting to any homeowner.

Here are several tips that I believe will help you get started towards your dream kitchen and bath:

  • DON’T do it yourself. Remodeling a bedroom, dining room or family room is very different from taking on the challenge of a kitchen or bath. A professional should be brought in to figure logistics, suggest proper materials and make a functional and cost efficient room that specifically reflects your taste, style and personality. This is NOT a do-it-yourself project!
  • DO think of resale value. You may be happier than ever in your home, from the location, neighbors and the town to your property, you may think you’ve settled for good – but don’t be too sure! Sometimes being too ‘unique’ means regrets down the road, so especially for your first remodeling project, we suggest sticking to the basics and putting thought into what others would like about your kitchen, as much as you. Someone else might own it one day and you’ll want to make sure you can recoup your investment!
  • DON’T overspend! Set a budget at the beginning of your project, including room for additional charges. Be proactive and figure out what you want during the months leading up to the renovation. If you want more than you can have, make a conscious decision to pick one or the other based on necessity and future projects, if one can or cannot be added down the road.
  • DO pick a qualified professional. Meet with him and trade ideas and suggestions. Make sure he’s qualified; ask to see past projects and/or a portfolio and discuss your budget. It’s also a good idea to ask for references and checkout their showroom. Pick the remodeler that satisfies your personality, taste and style most. A good remodeler will work closely with you until your dream home comes true!
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