We’re selling our home and want to make it as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. Tips?

Five Tips for Remodeling to Sell Your Home

In a competitive real estate market, it can be a good idea to remodel your home to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Before starting a remodeling project, consider these five tips to help spend your dollars wisely and get the best results on your home remodel.

Hire a professional remodeler.
When remodeling, hire a professional. Using an experienced home remodeler will make the job smoother and produce better results. Check their qualifications, ask if they are a member of your local Home Builders Association.

Improve curb appeal.
Making a positive first impression helps to sell the home. Research shows that exterior remodels are cost effective and have a high return on home value. For example, installing a steel entry door can return 129% of the cost! Also consider, refreshing the home’s landscaping with new plants and a path to the door. Have the house painted or update the siding. Inspect the roof and repair unsightly holes or broken shingles.

Improve energy efficiency.
Energy efficiency improvements can half utility bills. Home buyers want lower utilities, maintenance, and overall operating costs. A home remodeler can help to reduce energy waste by sealing gaps, replacing windows and doors, adding insulation, and upgrading appliances to ENERGY STAR®-rated products.

Modernize the kitchen.
Homeowners concentrate on kitchens because it’s the room where they spend the most time with family and entertaining guests. The simpler, the better may be best when remodeling a kitchen for a home going on sale. Consider opening up the space for better maneuvering, updating with new cabinets, and using colors that appeal to popular tastes. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value report, a minor kitchen remodel that replaces cabinet fronts, updates fixture hardware, repaints and installs energy-efficient appliances can return 70% of the costs.

Update the bathroom.
Home buyers are always interested in bathrooms. Small details can go a long way in making the bathroom more attractive and comfortable. Installing new tile, cabinets, and fixtures can give the bathroom a better, clean look. The Cost Vs. Value report shows that a mid-range bathroom remodel can recoup 60% of the expense.

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