Remember to DREAM before you remodel

D.R.E.A.M. before you remodel. Follow these five tips before you tackle that Colorado Springs home improvement project. These steps will allow you to have a more successful remodeling experience.

D.R.E.A.M before you begin:

  1. Design: Have a design in mind. Contemporary? Eclectic? Traditional? Know the likes of your current space and what you want to keep or change when remodeling. Professional remodelers can offer great assistance in creating a cohesive plan to meet your desires with layout, color options, materials and more.
  2. References: When choosing a remodeler, always ask for references. By speaking with past customers and seeing pictures and results of past projects, you have a better understanding of the skills, customer service and design strengths of the firm.
  3. Estimate: Going beyond your budget is the best way to create a bad remodeling experience. Always get a written estimate from the remodeler that gives an accurate picture of the materials and labor costs before your agree on a project. If changes are made along the way, get them in writing to know their impact on your ultimate costs.
  4. Accountability: You want the project finished in two months. Your remodeler knows it will take twice that long. You asked for custom cabinets. Your remodeler said you approved the stock item.
    Avoid mishaps with a written contract that details the remodeler’s exact responsibilities to you, the customer. This includes the scope of the project, the time frame, the design details, materials, costs, and more – before the job every even begins.
  5. Mood: The ultimate goal of a remodeling project should be to create a certain mood. Do you want the space to offer peace and relaxation? Or do you desire energy and pizzazz and lots of room to mingle? The form and function of the project should culminate in a certain feeling – a certain mood. When working with your remodeler, communicate the mood you hope to achieve. This will factor into the design and help reach your goal.
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