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Q. I’m searching for remodeling ideas, do you have suggestions where to look? A. If you looking for a little inspiration and a weekend escape this year I have a great tip for you. The Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association is holding the 4th Annual Remodeled Homes Tour, Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and

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Do you have any tips to make my bathroom safer?

Bathrooms are among the most dangerous places in a house. You’ll reduce the risk by keeping the following ideas in mind: Add a Separate Shower Most accidents occur when people are climbing in and out of a bathtub. If you can do with a shower instead of a tub (or if you have enough room

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Should I install a kitchen island?

If you have the room, definitely. But make sure you consider your kitchen’s size and the size of the island desired– you don’t want to make the costly mistake of putting too large of an island in a small kitchen. The average sized kitchen should allow 42 inches of clearance on all sides of the

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Spring is here! Have any suggestions for getting my home ready?

Start taking care of your home early to ensure you are able to have plenty of time for outdoor fun. Here are some easy steps: Clean your windows, both inside and out. While you’re at it, check for any cracked or damaged window glazing and panes. Replace worn weather-stripping – you’ll keep the cool air

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