If your kitchen isn’t the most popular room in the house, then it’s time to transform it.

2011 is bursting with new ideas, such as:

1. Prep Sinks
Adding a little sink or additional water spigot can significantly improve your kitchen’s utility. Consider placing one near the cooktop or on the island as a way to include more people in the food prep and the clean-up process!

2. Kitchen Islands
Today’s modern kitchen island is equipped with appliances to create a customized zone for cooking, washing, drink mixing or eating.

3. The Beverage Station
This area is where friends and family will naturally gather, whether it’s a special occasion or a lazy Friday night. The beverage area often includes an under-counter refrigerator, wine cooler and some favorite coffee implements that also free up “regular” refrigerator space.

4. Scaling of Elements
Add some balance to your kitchen by offsetting larger items with smaller design elements. For example, even out the wide expanse of your cabinetry by adding  a detailed tile backsplash.

5. Modern Colors – 3 Approaches for 2011
Vibrant colors are a popular and straight-forward way to make a statement in your kitchen. Rich blues, purples, greens and citric yellows boldly avoid the realm of passive backdrops. Look for tile accents, utensils and cabinets that can help you strike out into new color territory. Another color palette selection for an enhanced modern look uses more neutral tones with black or white cabinets and reflective countertops. Made popular by several design shows, dark gray appliances, including stainless steel, are also common items found in a modern kitchen space.

6. Soft Geometry
Making the transition to smoother edges and corners is a great way to update the features of your kitchen. Rounded islands and countertops as well as arches over doorways, range tops and other places offset the angular lines typically found in the kitchen. You’ll like how this design technique helps create a softer, more relaxing look.

7. Space Subtleties
The options are boundless for stacking and positioning each appliance for ideal access and organization. Bringing task space together with the right appliances can help you keep the function and lose the clutter.

8. New Countertop Choices
Kitchen remodel got you replacing countertops? Don’t let the popularity of granite fool you; there are a myriad of natural stone options to choose from. Concrete is also a surface that offers a wide selection of finishes in addition to low cost, durability and versatility. For those who embrace green living, other trendy options include recycled glass or wood.

9. Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Modern style and taste is supported by the principles of minimalism, resulting in a look that is simple and elegant. Consider replacing traditional wall-mounted cabinetry with cabinet doors that open easily by lightly pressing on a panel. Built-in kitchen cabinets that blend into the wall are also an emerging modern design trend.

10. The New Family Room
The kitchen isn’t just for food preparation – families make it the hub for daily interaction and activities such as paying bills, doing homework, watching TV or just enjoying a little time alone. Building in breakfast nooks and niche workspaces facilitate the versatile needs of busy families.

11. The Concealed Kitchen
Hidden in plain sight, a concealed kitchen is subtly incorporated into primary living and entertaining rooms using clean structural lines, sleek color palettes and appliances tucked out of sight. With the introduction of smaller, quieter and more robust electronics, even refrigerators can appear virtually invisible, opening up new spaces without sacrificing utility.

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